Practical Tips to Clear your Face using Witch Hazel

A friend said to me What we do or do not do to our health, how we live every day and what choices we make every day – could be reflected in the health of our hair and skin. Personally, I agree with her. In actuality, my dad and mum mentioned the exact same thing. How we treat our bodies , particularly, makes the major difference – even though it is also important to look after ourselves daily ‘on the outsidee.’ For example, keeping Our ‘insides’ clean and working at optimal health is much more important than simply doing our daily ‘outside’ cleaning routines. Here, lifestyle and diet play important roles. I’d like to share With you practical tips of how to ‘generally’ treat yourself internally and externally to have healthy and decent skin. In actuality, for those having difficulty skin such as acne or acne prone skin, should make these hints a daily habit or routine.

They say it is great to drink 2-3 glasses of plain water first thing in the morning prior to breakfast. An hour later, I eat breakfast. I drink water during the day too. Do drink enough water Daily and even more so in the event that you have acne skin. It is common that dehydration aggravates skin and causes acne to flare up. To maintain your skin tissues healthy, keep yourself hydrated. Besides, water therapy Works good to give us optimal health.

Face using Witch Hazel

Keep your hands clean at all time, especially use witch hazel for pores washing your face. Imagine what you might have touched your puppy, the dustbin cover knob, the door knob, the toilet seat, the water faucet the broom, your shoes, your socks, your notes and coins and much more. Therefore, You Do not Want to ‘move’ all that germs and dirt into your face and it surely would be pointless to clean your face as soon as your hands are filthy. Before washing your Face, take only a moment to completely clean your hands. Use anti-bacterial soap. Then ensure that your towels are clean.

It would be a fantastic idea to set your pillow case in every time you do your laundry. Otherwise, changing your pillow case every other day would be great. I mean, you’re rubbing your face (skin) in your pillow case every night. Consequently, It makes good Sense to be certain that your pillow case is clean rather than being full of oil, dirt or germs. Know about your hands – avoid touching your face unless necessary. You do not need to spread the dirt, bacteria and what not to your face. Even rubbing your eyes or resting your chin or face in your hands or palms can find the bacteria to your skin. Your pores may get infected. Your acne can be aggravated and make worse. Therefore, keep your Hands clean at all times or just avoid touching your face with your hands.