Start Your Social Life in Hong Kong with Mozaic

All About Mozaic

Mozaic is an all-in-all social networking service to meet the like-minded people in Hong Kong. Mozaic can be your social event planner and your leisure time organizer. It is one of the first English speaking social club for mature Hong Kong residents that works in a simple way to connect with people residing in Hong Kong only. It is growing fast and is nationally recognised social club for foodies and travel lovers.

How Does Mozaic Worksocial club hk

Mozaic helps you to explore the vibrant culinary experience in Hong Kong and experience the sights with health retreats, cultural adventures and travel challenges in and around Hong Kong. Mozaic stands apart and showcases itself unique from the other regular social networking websites and make its members to feel special about their community and meetups. It helps to keep its members engaged, have true friendships, meet offline and have a thriving relationship among the busy professionals, retirees, singles and adventurists in Hong Kong. This expat social network hong kong organises a minimum of six events per month to please it members and keep them active and engaged. The social club hk has events such as culinary, sporting, lifestyle, cultural, travel and educational events to suite for each member of the social network.

All you need to do is visit Mozaic website, register and create a profile. Communicate with the online members, choose from the social and travel event lists from Mozaic calendar, attend the events or travel as per your choice with the people in the network and start making connections eventually. It is as simple, easy and ever convenient! Join Mozaic and start exploring your friends and events in Hong Kong! Stay Connected!